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    What is the best pain relief?

    I have shingles on my shoulder, neck and chest. Does anyone have suggestions on how to reduce shoulder blade pain, I have been prescribed some pain pills and some by the virus itself, but the pain is annoying me now, after 1 week. I used Canesten and Savlon but both are really to anti-bacterial and anti-fungal that I use.

    Having had shingles a couple of times – Through trial and error, I found the better pain relief solution for me was the patch topical ointment containing Capsicum. These are available without a prescription, however, you could consider asking health care professional for a prescription for an anti-virus will increase the speed at which you recover from an outbreak of shingles. For your information – Shingles is simply an outbreak of Chicken Pox virus, which most of us find in childhood. Although the initial infection defend — the virus resides in our nerve cells, and at a time when our immune system is low or contested – that can travel the nerve and cause irritation to the host (while trying to break and passing it through blisters that are the cause of that pain). We wish you all the best – kick ass with your provider – Malc.

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