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    The Classic Brandy Cobbler

    Cobblers were first invented in mid-1850s America at a time when carbonated water, or club soda as it is also known, was becoming a more widespread beverage. Carbonated water is one of the main ingredients of the cobbler, although the alcoholic base is normally a fortified wine like sherry, brandy, Madeira or port, although spirits are also used. Indeed today the Bourbon or whiskey cobbler is arguably the most popular of all cobblers.

    Despite the passing of 150 years since its inception, the brandy cobbler though remains a popular drink around the world, although it appears that it is most often drunk in warmer climates, particularly on balmy summer’s evenings.

    Ingredients for a Brandy Cobbler (single serving)

    1 teaspoon of superfine sugar

    3 fluid ounces of carbonated water

    2 fluid ounces of brandy

    1 slice of lemon

    1 slice of orange

    1 maraschino cherry

    1 sprig of fresh mint

    The creation of a brandy cobbler is all about building the drink.

    An old fashioned glass or goblet is required to both create and serve the drink in. Into the glass goes the superfine sugar which is dissolved in the carbonated water. Crushed ice is then added until the goblet is almost full. The brandy is then added and the mixture is then thoroughly stirred.

    Slight alterations to the amount of brandy and carbonated water will of course change the strength of the brandy cobbler, something which is normally down to individual taste.

    The lemon slice, orange slice, cherry and mint are then added to the cobbler as garnishes. The sprig of mint in particular is seen as an ingredient for a classic brandy cobbler, as is the addition of a straw to drink the cobbler with. Once all the finishing touches are added though, the brandy cobbler is ready to be enjoyed.

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