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    Red Itchy Skin Cures

    Regardless of whether a person is an adult or a child, a man or a woman, there are many different yet common skin disorders that can plague the skin of subject. The most common symptoms of most of the different skin rashes and disorders are the appearance of red and itchy skin no rash. Red, itchy skin can be caused from a variety of different skin problems, with the most common being mosquito, spider and other insect bites. Poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac also cause raised red bumps on the surface of the skin that can itch a tremendous amount.

    While the two things listed above can cause red, itchy skin, what if you know for a fact that your red, itchy skin was not caused by those? The problem may actually be a much deeper skin disorder; the most common skin disorder that people hear about is eczema. Eczema is a skin disorder sometimes referred to as “allergic skin,” because eczema usually has flare ups that are associated to allergies. Some people have flare ups when they come into contact with different foods, while other people flare up with different soaps or even detergents.

    The flare ups from eczema can usually be deterred by avoiding the foods, soaps, detergents and other agents that typically cause the flare ups. Eczema can affect anyone from any age group but can be especially bad for infants and toddlers. The most common symptom is red and itchy skin but the skin can also look swollen, cracked and crusty with ooze (tissue fluid) sometimes coming out from the crusted surface. The best methods for treating eczema is by avoiding the agents that can cause the eczema to flare up, coupled with using prescription steroids prescribed by a doctor or qualified physician.

    As mentioned above, poison ivy, oak and sumac can cause some pretty irritating raised bumps that are incredibly tempting to scratch; however the more you scratch, the more it spreads. This type of rash is known as contact dermatitis and is brought on by coming into physical contact with a skin irritant. The best way to treat any problem associated with contact dermatitis is strong, topical steroids along with prescription grade creams applied directly to the problem. There are many other annoying problems that can be caused by contact dermatitis; some of the more common ones being psoriasis and pityriasis rosea which commonly affects teens and younger adults. Another disorder that commonly shows up during the winter months as severe dry skin is known as Xerosis.

    There are many different irritating conditions that can cause red, itchy skin. The most irritating part is the fact that if you itch, the problem may spread and get worse; but it is just so tempting to scratch that itch. The problems listed above are probably the most heard of because they are also the most common among infants, toddlers, children, teens, adults and pretty much any age group, and sex and any ethnicity. With each problem or disorder comes a different, specific way to treat it.

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