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    How to Prevent Sun Poisoning

    Prolonged exposure to the sun can result to a multitude of problematic skin conditions that all begin with peeling of the skin and sun poisoning. If this is not taken care of at an early stage, it can lead to dryness, wrinkles and in extreme conditions, skin cancer. Earlier, sunburns and skin peeling were mostly observed among people that went picnicking or swimming. However, with global warming taking a toll on the world, the problem has elevated itself causing problems to people even during their day to day activities. Hence, it is imperative that individuals find the best of means via which they can prevent skin peeling and treat sunburns so as to take care of their bodies.

    How Much is Too Much Sun?

    One of the most daunting tasks to identify today is how much sunlight is too harmful to the skin. While sunlight is essential for the growth and development of the body, it is imperative to understand that too much sunlight can cause detrimental effects. While the body does need a good source of Vitamin D, we also know that too much of anything is bad. The moment one’s body begins to get itchy or pink, that would be about time to get out of the sun. Prevention is better than cure and getting out of the sun before it can cause problems on the body is the best way via which this can be achieved.

    Preventing Sunburns

    The body has a derma that is quite delicate if one was to observe it minutely. If the body is to be exposed to too much sunlight in its entire wrath, it can result in sunburn and even sun poisoning. Following the below mentioned basic guidelines, one will be able to prevent sun poisoning effectively.

    Avoid Too Much Sunlight
    Anything in excess is bad and hence should be avoided. This implies with sunlight as well. Avoid getting out in the afternoons and stay cool on hot days.

    Get the Right Clothing
    There are a number of heat resistive clothes available in the market today. If this is something that is not accessible, cover up as much as you can. Caps, full sleeves, lightweight fabrics and loose-fitting clothes will work perfectly too.

    Get Natural Sun-block
    Natural sun block-is quite effective in preventing sunburns. Get one with aloe extracts to keep your body cool and skin in its perfect condition.

    Treating Sunburns

    If you are unfortunate to have your skin sun burnt, cool down immediately. Get into the shower or tub and cool down. Do not rub yourself or wash yourself too hard. Avoid peeling your skin and use a soft dampened cloth to dry your body. Apply a good moisturizing cream and stay clean. Finally, avoid itching your body as it can aggravate the problem further. Rest indoors as much as you can and keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

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