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    Head to Toe At Home Ingrown Hair Removal System

    The problem of unwanted ingrown hair on certain parts of the body is a common problem among women across the world. Some opt to use a shaving kit to get rid of this excess hair, others go for waxing which can be pretty painful. For others still, they feel that these two options are not right for them, so they go in for laser hair removal in salons and other professional places. This third option can prove to be pretty costly for some people, but what other friendly option is there?

    Kim Kardashian, the popular reality show star, recently went on The Rachel Ray Show and talked about her issues with excess hair, and attributing this to her part Eastern European heritage. She has tried all the previously mentioned methods of getting rid of unwanted hair, but she was looking for an option that would be easy to use at home, not messy, not painful and with the minimum of fuss. That is how she discovered Tria Laser Hair Removal. She talked about the efficacy of this at home hair removal system on the show in what amounted to a celebrity hair removal product endorsement, and even gave one for free to one of the women who had attended the show’s taping.

    The ingrown pubic hair removal industry in the US is huge; at $ 10 billion worth, which means that there are so many products in the market to help deal with this issue. The Tria Hair Removal Laser Home System is a smaller variation of what the professional salons and dermatologists use to treat their clients. This product can be used in the comfort of your home and is very easy to use. One can usually see the results after 2 applications, but it requires quite a bit of patience for you to enjoy its full capabilities and results – up to six months.

    There has been debate among users of this product whether it is painful or not. The truth is that different people react differently to any kind of stimulus on their skin. Some may feel absolutely no pain, others may feel just a little zinger, and others yet may be unable to use it without some kind of numbing gel. It really all comes down to what kind of skin you have, but the results of using Tria at home laser hair removal system are unmistakable. It really does get rid of unwanted ingrown hair, even in very private areas of the body.

    The Tria Hair Removal Laser Home System is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is therefore safe to use and has no side effects. Kim Kardashian has given it celebrity hair removal status by talking about it on day time television and it is likely that having a celebrity talk about this product on air will encourage a lot more people to go out and buy it. Nevertheless, celebrity endorsement or not, it is a pretty handy equipment to have in the house if you have issues with hair growing in unwanted places.

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