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    Coughing Up Yellow Mucus

    If you have coughed it is the symptoms of cold or any other viral illness, especially cough associated with phlegm. Phlegm is a gel like mucus substance comes from the lower and upper respiratory organs that allied with bacterial and viral illness. The color of the said mucous could be the determining diagnosis of the doctor. Clear mucus is not alarming because this could be the symptoms of cold and it could be coming from irritation because of allergy and excessive eating of spicy foods. Whereas if you are coughing with green phlegm this could be comes from serious indication of viral infection like sinus infection of pneumonia. Early medical treatment is necessary. But beware of the ordinary cough like coughing up yellow mucus because if it is left untreated it will get worse. There are five possible reasons or common causes of coughing up yellow mucus.

    If you have acute viral or bacterial bronchitis this will force you coughing up yellow phlegm. This is the exact indication of inflammation that could also associated by excessive fever and cough as well as sore throat. You can visit your doctor to try remedies that help you deal with mucus problems. Viral and bacterial pneumonia will produce foamy yellow mucus and extreme throat mucus. This condition should take seriously and early treatment should apply. Some said that coughing up yellow mucus is the possible sign of chronic bronchitis. The great cause of this illness is frequent smoking and working in unsafe environment such as chemical factories and coal plant. There is the possibility that the phlegm is so thick and tough to cough up that might control your oxygen to lungs. Another probable cause of coughing up yellow phlegm is tuberculosis. Your cough might have traces of blood, fever and major feeling of slowness. This illness requires serious treatment and observation to avoid recurring of the acute stage. The most hazardous reason of coughing up yellow mucus is if you have lung cancer, specifically if you have low appetite and loss of weight. This really needs to have professional help to be able to detect early and proper treatment should apply.

    If your cough that produce yellow mucus for two weeks and no signs of improvement even you are taking antibiotics. You need to see a health professional to discuss a dangerous health complication. Your life is the most important that is why you need to take care of your health, because those simple illness might make your life at risk.

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