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    Child Health

    Kids are the god gift and we should to care them. Kids can be early illness because the body of kids is the very soft, touchy, sensitive and liable and we should to taken care of. Your kids health relation between physical, mental and social welfare.

    Most parents to keeping your child healthy give them healthy food, Make OK to be they getting sufficient sleep and exercise and insuring their life security.

    It is very necessary for kids to always go for regular check up with there health care provider. These regular check up s are very most important for your child growth. these time pick up and avoid the problems.

    If you found any problem of your child , take your child to the health provider because your child body are very sensitive and any sort of infection may be dangerous. So don’t get any inattention. Go for check-up , if you seen any of the following symptoms:

    · Temperature higher then 39°C
    · Blood in urine.
    · Significant weight gain or loss
    · Excessively cold or excessively hot.
    · Sleep problems
    · breathing is very noisy and rapid
    · Fever higher than 102
    · Skin infections.
    · Suddenly change in nature.

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