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    10 Healthy Swaps for the Big Game

    No matter what team you are rooting for, Super Bowl Sunday is a fun, festive, food-filled day. If you are planning a party for the Big Game, you could go one of three ways: Unhealthy, Healthy, or somewhere in-between. If you are opting for the second or third option, there are a lot of […]

    What is a Phobia

    Phobias and anxiety disorders are the most prominent mental health problems in the United States. Women report more phobias than men. However, men are less likely to seek mental health assistance, so this statistic is a bit flawed and more research needs to be done in evaluating the correlation between gender and phobias. Phobias […]

    Birth Control Pill 101

    I’ve written this article as a crash course for anybody taking “the pill”, or is involved with somebody who does. Your doctor doesn’t always tell you everything and there is a lot of skewed information on how to take and handle oral contraceptives.

    This information is integral for men and women with girlfriends or boyfriends […]

    Crush Syndrome Symptoms and Treatments

    Many people may not have ever heard of Crush syndrome or know what it is. Crush syndrome is most often seen after major natural events such as earthquakes. Falling or shifting objects during an earthquake may pin a person causing a muscular skeletal crushing injury. Crush syndrome is most often characterized by shock and […]

    A White Noise Generator and Your Work Life

    The connection between your work life and a white noise generator is easy to see once someone shows you. Step one would be to visit the site and get the full understanding of what one is and just how it works. Then it is easy to see that the use of one can really […]

    Is Keeping Your Tongue Clean the Key to Good Breath?

    One of the most common human hygiene goals is that of good breath. There are several at home remedies and over-the-counter products that strive to help you achieve that goal. Many times these efforts are unnecessary. Simply cleaning one’s tongue can lead to good breath.

    Most Americans have a similar morning routine: wake up, […]

    Head to Toe At Home Ingrown Hair Removal System

    The problem of unwanted ingrown hair on certain parts of the body is a common problem among women across the world. Some opt to use a shaving kit to get rid of this excess hair, others go for waxing which can be pretty painful. For others still, they feel that these two options are […]

    34 Days Left to Showtime!

    It is now 34 days until the Flex Pro in California. Up to this point things have been moving along nicely, and I have been having a good time with this prep. It was earlier in the week, when I finalize realized that things are going to get a bit tougher.

    I was reading my […]

    How to Prevent Sun Poisoning

    Prolonged exposure to the sun can result to a multitude of problematic skin conditions that all begin with peeling of the skin and sun poisoning. If this is not taken care of at an early stage, it can lead to dryness, wrinkles and in extreme conditions, skin cancer. Earlier, sunburns and skin peeling were […]

    Red Itchy Skin Cures

    Regardless of whether a person is an adult or a child, a man or a woman, there are many different yet common skin disorders that can plague the skin of subject. The most common symptoms of most of the different skin rashes and disorders are the appearance of red and itchy skin no rash. […]