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    Tips on Making the Perfect Curry

    Although I say it myself, I’m a very good cook, and so I should be – I spent all my working life in catering. However, when it comes to making a perfect curry, I can’t hold a candle to my husband. He’s watched over me while I follow his instructions, and my curry is okay, […]

    Tips for using Chinese Knives and Cleavers

    Cooking tips on Chinese Knifes and Chinese Cleavers

    Wok cooking is very easy if you use the correct utensils and two of those are the Chinese knife and the Chinese cleaver.

    A little about Chinese knives:Chinese knives come in 3 weights: big, medium and small. They are composed of a thick blade of carbon or […]

    Tips for Tenderizing a Tough Cut of Steak

    Certain cuts of beef make for affordable steaks, but these cuts are tougher than the lean tenderloin and rib cuts. The tougher cuts include chuck steak, shank and brisket, and round cuts such as top sirloin, this last being the most tender of the tough cuts.

    Tenderizing can turn a chewy, stringy piece of meat […]

    Tips for Smart Shopping when Cooking for one

    When you live alone, shopping can be a real challenge. You may find that you either have too much food and end up throwing it away, or you end up eating the same thing until you are bored of it. A lot of food available in the supermarket is geared towards families; a loaf of […]

    Tips for Making Delicious Vegetarian Shish Kabobs

    When people think of “shish kabobs,” they might think of skewered chunks of meat that is cooked over a grill. But, if what you don’t eat meat or you are craving a vegetarian kabob option? Kabobs can be a great vegetarian dish by just following these few simple tips and techniques.

    Choose vegetables you like


    Top non Dairy Vegan Milk Substitutes

    As a vegan there are many alternatives to dairy milk available for you to try.  The milk which is best for you depends on your personal taste.  Some types of milk are sweeter than others.  Some are thinner or more watery.  You may find that you like the taste of one type of milk in […]

    Tips for Improving a Standard Burger

    Over the last century, the burger has  become a staple of the everyday diet for millions. Whether it be in take-out form from one of the fast food giants, or in frozen form from a supermarket, everyone knows what a burger is and has a picture in their own mind of how a burger should […]

    Use a thermometer to cook meat perfectly

    When it comes to cooking meat of almost any kind, the internal temperature is very important. Not only will it guarantee that your meat will be cooked just the way you prefer, well done, medium or rare, but it will ensure that your meat is cooked enough to kill the bacteria that may be growing […]

    Top gadgets used in the kitchen

    Kitchen gadgets make cooking a lot easier. In some cases, the right gadget can make certain steps go faster and much smoother. Some cooks might feel lost without their favorite gadgets. 

    Not many kitchens are complete without the gadgets. Each cook has his/her own favorite gadgets when cooking. However, there are some that almost every […]

    Tools for Pie Making

    The basic pie making tools are in everyone’s kitchen. These are  pie pans, a rolling pin, a wire pastry cutter, a few large bowls, and that’s about it, actually. But look again in the kitchens of some bakers and their stash of pie baking tools will astound you. But what will probably be more astounding, […]