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    Tips on Making the Perfect Curry

    Although I say it myself, I’m a very good cook, and so I should be – I spent all my working life in catering. However, when it comes to making a perfect curry, I can’t hold a candle to my husband. He’s watched over me while I follow his instructions, and my curry is okay, […]

    Understanding the different Styles of Asian Food and Restaurants

    Sushi is not Chinese food and orange chicken is not Japanese food. Even though many Sakkio franchises are owned and operated by Chinese people, Teriyaki chicken is a Japanese dish. In the United States, there are so many types of Asian food that it is actually easy to confuse the different types. The fact that […]

    Tips for using Chinese Knives and Cleavers

    Cooking tips on Chinese Knifes and Chinese Cleavers

    Wok cooking is very easy if you use the correct utensils and two of those are the Chinese knife and the Chinese cleaver.

    A little about Chinese knives:Chinese knives come in 3 weights: big, medium and small. They are composed of a thick blade of carbon or […]

    Types of vegetarian diets

    There are many misconceptions about vegetarian diets. Most people seem to think that all vegetarian diets have the same restrictions. Each person has his or her own interpretation of what vegetarianism includes. Some think that all vegetarian diets do not allow the consumption of any animal, fish, dairy products or eggs. While some people seem […]

    Tips for Tenderizing a Tough Cut of Steak

    Certain cuts of beef make for affordable steaks, but these cuts are tougher than the lean tenderloin and rib cuts. The tougher cuts include chuck steak, shank and brisket, and round cuts such as top sirloin, this last being the most tender of the tough cuts.

    Tenderizing can turn a chewy, stringy piece of meat […]

    Types of Coffee used in Candy Making

    There are many delicious ways to enjoy coffee and not just in a cup either! Some very creative cooks use coffee in their favorite recipes for everything from roast to chocolate cake. Odds are that you didn’t know that some of the finest tasting candy in the world is made with coffee in it. Yes, […]

    Tips for Smart Shopping when Cooking for one

    When you live alone, shopping can be a real challenge. You may find that you either have too much food and end up throwing it away, or you end up eating the same thing until you are bored of it. A lot of food available in the supermarket is geared towards families; a loaf of […]

    Two deep fried chicken wing recipes

    Traditionally, deep-fried chicken wings are cooked just like any deep-fried chicken. Years ago, chicken wings were considered emergency food because they were so cheap. A meal of beans, cornbread or biscuits and deep-fried chicken wings would feed a large family for less than five dollars.

    Chicken wings are considered a delicacy because they’re a combination […]

    Tips for Ripening Avocados

    Avocados also known as the Alligator Pear provide a great source of healthy omega-3 fatty acids as well as vitamin K and dietary fiber. They also contain many anti-inflammatory nutrients and numerous antioxidants making them a great and beneficial fruit.

    If however, when you go shopping you find that all the avocados available happen to […]

    Twinings English breakfast review

    Twinings of London is one of the worlds’ oldest and most respected brands of loose tea and tea bags. It opened its first shop in 1706, making Twinings older than the country of America. But just because Twinings is a classic and respected brand, does that mean their English Breakfast bagged or loose tea is […]