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    The Classic Brandy Cobbler

    Cobblers were first invented in mid-1850s America at a time when carbonated water, or club soda as it is also known, was becoming a more widespread beverage. Carbonated water is one of the main ingredients of the cobbler, although the alcoholic base is normally a fortified wine like sherry, brandy, Madeira or port, although spirits are also used. Indeed today the Bourbon or whiskey cobbler is arguably the most popular of all cobblers.

    Despite the passing of 150 years since its inception, the brandy cobbler though remains a popular drink around the world, although it appears that it is most often drunk in warmer climates, particularly on balmy summer’s evenings.

    Ingredients for a Brandy Cobbler (single serving)

    1 teaspoon of superfine sugar

    3 fluid ounces of carbonated water

    2 fluid ounces of brandy

    1 slice of lemon

    1 slice of orange

    1 maraschino cherry

    1 sprig of fresh mint

    The creation of a brandy cobbler is all about building the drink.

    An old fashioned glass or goblet is required to both create and serve the drink in. Into the glass goes the superfine sugar which is dissolved in the carbonated water. Crushed ice is then added until the goblet is almost full. The brandy is then added and the mixture is then thoroughly stirred.

    Slight alterations to the amount of brandy and carbonated water will of course change the strength of the brandy cobbler, something which is normally down to individual taste.

    The lemon slice, orange slice, cherry and mint are then added to the cobbler as garnishes. The sprig of mint in particular is seen as an ingredient for a classic brandy cobbler, as is the addition of a straw to drink the cobbler with. Once all the finishing touches are added though, the brandy cobbler is ready to be enjoyed.

    Dry Cough Symptoms

    The dry cough frequently happens along with additional signs and symptoms, that differ with respect to the fundamental illness, condition or even situation. Additional signs and symptoms consist of a fever, shortness associated with inhale, as well as upper body discomfort. Signs and symptoms such as seems the actual lung area help to make when you are inhaling and exhaling, modifications within bloodstream stress, as well as reduced bloodstream air amounts might just end up being apparent utilizing particular devices within the doctor’s workplace or even medical center.

    Typical signs and symptoms

    It might happen along with additional signs and symptoms of dry cough such as:

    • Flu-like signs and symptoms (exhaustion, a fever, aching neck, head ache, pains and aches)
    • Hoarse tone of voice
    • Nausea or vomiting
    • Runny nasal area (sinus blockage)
    • Aching neck
    • Inflamed neck of the guitar lymph nodes
    • Throwing up
    • Wheezing

    Additional signs and symptoms that could happen

    Dry cough might go with additional much less typical signs and symptoms such as:

    • Poor inhale
    • Blood loss gums
    • Diarrhea
    • Exhaustion
    • Pain
    • Lack of urge for food
    • Allergy
    • Unintended weight reduction

    Severe signs and symptoms that may show the life-threatening situation

    In some instances, the dry cough might happen along with additional signs and symptoms that may show a significant or even life-threatening situation that needs to be examined instantly within an crisis environment. Look for instant health care (phone 911) should you, or even somebody you’re along with, tend to be showing these life-threatening signs and symptoms:

    • Trouble inhaling and exhaling or even shortness associated with inhale
    • Trouble talking
    • Regular urination
    • Higher a fever (greater than tips levels Fahrenheit)
    • Lower-leg or even ankle joint inflammation
    • Unpleasant dry cough or even discomfort whilst inhaling and exhaling seriously
    • Quick heart beat
    • Serious discomfort on ingesting.

    Balanced diet: the basics of healthy living

    balance diet

    Some basic rules to adopt a healthy diet

    Adopt a balanced diet every day is sometimes a real term health … How to respond effectively to all inputs without breaking your head? What are the main mistakes not to commit? And finally, what are the goals of food? Here are just as questions requiring a response …

    Eat balanced: yes, but why?

    Food is one of our daily concerns, a key to successful health and protection against multiple external aggressions that we suffer every day. A well balanced diet helps fight fatigue and eating disorders, while protecting themselves from disease and delaying the effects of aging. Moreover, a healthy diet combined with regular physical exercise, helps prevent unnecessary weight gain, contributing to a harmonious lifestyle.

    How to balance my diet?

    Several rules govern the three meals of the day, promoting a healthy and harmonious. Their conduct is also an opportunity to enjoy the friendly and calm, while discovering new flavors mixing colors and smells of the many varieties of food available to us.

    – Rule No. 1: Although shared his food on the day!

    In fact, starting the day with breakfast can start with energy and good humor tasks ahead. It is therefore advisable not to try to skip meals, the source of imbalance and poor productivity …

    * Start your day with a breakfast consisting of tea or coffee, bread, cereals, dairy products and fruit or fruit juice.

    * Take time for lunch with salad, a portion of meat, fish or egg, or starchy vegetables, a piece of cheese, bread and fruit.

    * Relax around a dinner salad or soup, meat, fish or egg, vegetables or starch, a dairy and a fruit or a dessert.

    Finally do not forget to drink 1.5 liters of water during the day, during and between meals!

    – Rule No. 2: Milk and dairy products are essential!

    Milk is the food of growth through excellence it is essential to consume. His role in the daily intake of calcium is the best friend of the family … In addition it contributes effectively to the maintenance of the intestinal flora and relaxation providing tryptophan (amino acid).

    – Rule No. 3: Meat, egg and fish, food needed!

    Rich in proteins and amino acids, such as iron and iodine, meat, eggs and fish are the essential ingredients of a balanced diet. However, it is necessary to diversify the protein intake, alternating meat and fish, under penalty of excessive consumption of fat …

    – Rule No. 4: fat, to eat sparingly!

    There are two types of fat: the so-called “visible” (butter, margarine, oil, cream, etc..) And those who are called “hidden” (contained in meat, pastries, some meats, etc.). Their consumption should remain reasonable in order to prevent dietary cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. It is therefore advisable to use oils and margarines, relaxed or not, for cooking and butter for raw uses, thus limiting the irritants and toxic.

    – Rule No. 5: The starchy, a major source of carbohydrates!

    Starchy foods (bread, rice, pasta, pulses and potatoes) are essential nutritional intake. Their daily consumption is important to balance carbohydrates and fiber.

    – Rule No. 6: Beware the consumption of sugar!

    Consumption of simple sugars, too much in France, must amount to a dozen pieces a day for a man against a woman for a decade. However, the French consume an average of twenty pieces a day! It is therefore strongly advised to switch to sweeteners such as aspartame, if the intake of sugar is too high in their diet.

    – Rule No. 7: Vegetables and fruits raw or cooked, the best friends of your balance!

    Vegetables and fruits have many nutritional benefits: rich in water, fiber, minerals and vitamins, are essential to the preservation of your balanced diet. Respectful of the bowel, they prevent disorders and contribute to the stability of body weight.

    – Rule No. 8: drink, but anything!

    Water is indispensable to your body it is advisable to consume large quantities: 1 to 1.5 liters per day. It must however be cautious vis-à-vis other forms of beverages, including soft drinks, syrups and wine, which can lead to excessive health complications.

    Coughing Up Yellow Mucus

    If you have coughed it is the symptoms of cold or any other viral illness, especially cough associated with phlegm. Phlegm is a gel like mucus substance comes from the lower and upper respiratory organs that allied with bacterial and viral illness. The color of the said mucous could be the determining diagnosis of the doctor. Clear mucus is not alarming because this could be the symptoms of cold and it could be coming from irritation because of allergy and excessive eating of spicy foods. Whereas if you are coughing with green phlegm this could be comes from serious indication of viral infection like sinus infection of pneumonia. Early medical treatment is necessary. But beware of the ordinary cough like coughing up yellow mucus because if it is left untreated it will get worse. There are five possible reasons or common causes of coughing up yellow mucus.

    If you have acute viral or bacterial bronchitis this will force you coughing up yellow phlegm. This is the exact indication of inflammation that could also associated by excessive fever and cough as well as sore throat. You can visit your doctor to try remedies that help you deal with mucus problems. Viral and bacterial pneumonia will produce foamy yellow mucus and extreme throat mucus. This condition should take seriously and early treatment should apply. Some said that coughing up yellow mucus is the possible sign of chronic bronchitis. The great cause of this illness is frequent smoking and working in unsafe environment such as chemical factories and coal plant. There is the possibility that the phlegm is so thick and tough to cough up that might control your oxygen to lungs. Another probable cause of coughing up yellow phlegm is tuberculosis. Your cough might have traces of blood, fever and major feeling of slowness. This illness requires serious treatment and observation to avoid recurring of the acute stage. The most hazardous reason of coughing up yellow mucus is if you have lung cancer, specifically if you have low appetite and loss of weight. This really needs to have professional help to be able to detect early and proper treatment should apply.

    If your cough that produce yellow mucus for two weeks and no signs of improvement even you are taking antibiotics. You need to see a health professional to discuss a dangerous health complication. Your life is the most important that is why you need to take care of your health, because those simple illness might make your life at risk.

    Implantation Bleeding Symptoms

    Although most doctors will advise their patients not to rely on implantation bleeding as a positive indication for pregnancy, it is a completely normal and healthy procedure, unlike what is thought by many women. Implantation bleeding is generally an exception nevertheless, as opposed to a mandatory occurrence. While this statement can be debated using the argument that many women generally do not even notice it as such, whether due to inadequate knowledge about it, or due to misinterpretation as some other type of discharge. Other types of discharge include bleeding due to stress, menstruation, anal discharge, regular vaginal discharge, discharge due to vaginal infection etc.

    However, despite the unreliability of implantation bleeding symptoms, many women still prefer to use this as a signifier for a positive pregnancy. For cases like this, it is important then to be fully aware of the implantation bleeding symptoms of implantation bleeding.

    One of the main things to notice about the bleeding is whether or not it is very small in amount. All types of implantation cramps and bleeding consist of very small amounts of blood being discharged, where as the characteristic quality of all other types of blood discharges is the sizeable quantity involved. This is usually a defining factor in distinguishing between implantation bleeding and other types of discharges. Because of the quantity involved, bleeding due to implantation shows up as a smear or a stain or a trail of a discharge. On the other hand, all other types of discharge appear as a fluid stain. Thus it is quite possible to assume that the bleeding occurring due to implantation lacks the characteristic flow that all other types of discharges have.

    Noticing the color might also be a wise manner to go about in distinguishing what is implantation bleeding and what is not. The bleeding appears in the colors of pink to dark brown. The darker the color of the bleeding, the earlier did the fertilization take place. The color is also a good indication of the quantity of blood involved. The bleeding due to implantation occurs nearly five days after the actual implantation has taken place. This is the time period required for the fertilized ovum to travel from the fallopian tubes to the uterine lining, and the amount of time taken for the droplets of blood that were let out during the rupture of the capillaries, to reach and pass out through the cervical opening. Therefore, since two processes will take place during the same timeframe, the amount of time taken by each is negotiable. For those who experience pink to red discharge, it is an indication of an active site of implantation, or a recent implantation. The blood let out had been enough to drive it through to the cervix. For those who experience brownish blood, the quantity is usually less and little enough for the droplets of blood to take more time to reach the cervix.

    Other than these the patient can also experience many other physical implantation bleeding symptoms of the body. These include nausea, enhanced appetite, reduced appetite, feverish feelings, constipation, fatigue, enhanced body temperature, sore breasts that are even tenderer around the area of the nipples, as well as abdominal spasms.

    Exercise for abdominal pain

    Exercise is probably the how to assist eliminate and forestall pain. It may seem in which exercise could potentially cause additional abdominal pain, also it certainly can in the event you select the drastically wrong sort or perhaps volume of exercise. Nevertheless, exercise is wonderful for anyone, along with as well should remainder can injured your current rear all the more.

    Ensure that you never forget in order to expand prior to test any kind of exercise or perhaps exercising. Stretching will allow the returning to obtain ready for the action in the future. Forgetting this kind of critical action can result in severe discomfort at a later date that is certainly what we should like to prevent.

    As soon as your preliminary left abdominal pain goes away, test taking a go walking. Really don’t bring nearly anything and make your face upwards. This type of delicate exercise helps to reduce back again fits and also transform your feelings in the event the go walking isn’t going to reduce and sometimes take away the ache, it’s going to at the least get your brain off from the idea.

    Stay while energetic as you can throughout a round connected with back pain, the way it has been confirmed in which pastime is a bit more beneficial to recuperation when compared with resting while having love. Seek to execute standard routines, in purpose, since research has shown that results in a faster retrieval compared to cargo area relaxation or maybe back-specific exercise.

    Be sure you might be finding plenty of exercise. Exercise is critical to help trying to keep the actual muscular tissues with yours again and also your abdominal muscles powerful as well as nutritious. In case your muscle tissues are way too poor, you can be investing a many more force on ones your bones. Tougher muscular tissues assist require some of these strain for their own reasons in addition to preserve the actual your bones.

    Enjoy cardio things to do generally. Cardiovascular system things to do make the perfect guide toward any better system, and provide good health on the muscles and joints, assisting in prevention of back pain. Though accountant Los Angeles wonderful routines available, cardiovascular system exercises fit significantly less force on ones rear muscle tissues, for that reason presenting a great optimum exercise promptly knowledge back pain.

    To stop receiving back pain, you must just be sure you exercise frequently. This will assist improve along with bolster your muscle tissues with your returning. You simply need to be cautious that you aren’t weight lifting which is fat so you will not be undertaking everything else that can truly result in an accident. Exercise frequently for enhance the core’s energy. Always concentrate on your own washboard abs along with rear muscle groups. Combine a good amount of energy and suppleness routines in your exercise routine to assist you to maintain central powerful and versatile, which usually decreases the possibility with regard to back pain to cultivate sometime soon.

    How to remove double chin

    Do you look heavier than you really  are?  

    You may feel like you can never look fit and athletic, all because of the chubby chin curse.

    Even if you are in good shape physically, people are left with a lesser mental image of your protruding double chin.

    No matter how many fat burning aerobic exercises I did, I still could not lose the double chin.

    Finally, an exclusive technique is revealed!

    The Platysma area under the chin is home to fat cell reserves – the FIRST place your body stores excess fat. It’s also the LAST place your body burns fat from.

    Double Chin Exercise DiagramNow, you can follow a proven method to target that double chin and neckline fat by toning the surrounding muscles and forcing localized fat burning!

    The 58 facial muscles can quickly burn off your double chin. The secret is how you exercise the 4  major muscle groups: Masseter, Mentalis, Buccinators, and Platysma.

    Access the facial exercises used by models and feel a tighter chin and neck in under 15 minutes!

    The 12 best double chin exercises are now compiled into a complete program for you:

    • Increase your confidence and become more photogenic
    • Never again feel that bulge under your chin
    • Improve your complexion with increased circulation
    • Sculpt your chin,  neck and cheeks like a model.

    Get Rid of  your Double Chin Now !

    Double Dozen Program

    The 12 double chin exercises will quickly get you the sculpted and fit look you want.

    • 12 Chin Chiseling Exercises  Step-by-step image instructions
    • Exercise Schedule   Printable PDF files
    • All 12 Exercises on Video.. Detailed animations to maximize your results
    • All 12 Exercises in MP3 Audio Files. Listen and exercise your chin anywhere!

    This is not for everyone – If you are overweight, this is only a piece of a complete fitness program. People within healthy BMI ranges will benefit the fastest from these facial exercises.

       This is for people truly committed to improving their appearance!

    Reduce your chin fat now!

    • Yes! I want the Double Dozen – 12 Double Chin Exercise
    • Increase your confidence and become more photogenic
    • Never again feel that bulge under your chin
    • Improve your complexion with increased circulation
    • Remove waste and toxins faster
    • Sculpt your chin, neck and cheeks like a model

    Your time is valuable, so take advantage of the hundreds of hours of research already done for you! Other facial exercise classes and guides are charging as much as $200!

    10 Healthy Swaps for the Big Game

    No matter what team you are rooting for, Super Bowl Sunday is a fun, festive, food-filled day. If you are planning a party for the Big Game, you could go one of three ways: Unhealthy, Healthy, or somewhere in-between. If you are opting for the second or third option, there are a lot of little tweaks to make the Big Game festive and fun, as well as tasty AND healthy. Here are some easy healthy swaps to consider for the Big Game:

    1. Chip Swap: Doritos, potato chips, tortilla chips, oh my! What Super Bowl party does NOT have chips as part of its snacking lineup? This year, go with Food Should Taste Good’s  Jalapeno or Lime flavored multi-grain chips, for a healthy, yet flavorful accompaniment to dips and salsa.  They are very higher in fiber and protein, and lower in fat than your average potato chip. Moreover, they are made with all-natural, easy to pronounce, highly familiar ingredients.
    2. Bagged Popcorn Swap: Air popped popcorn is a much healthier option than your traditional bagged popcorn. Try seasoning it with some chili pepper or red-pepper flakes to give it an extra spicy flavor. If you don’t have an air popper, pop corn on your stove top in a big pot. Use a little bit of canola oil in the bottom of the pot, cover, and shake often to avoid burning.
    3. Chili Swap: Chili is a mainstay of Super Bowl parties. Make yours healthier than the traditional, by opting for a bean-based vegetarian chili.  Beans offer tons of protein, nutrients and fiber.  If, however, your guests are meat lovers, make turkey chili with 99% fat-free ground turkey. 99% fat-free ground turkey is much leaner than traditional ground beef.  Be sure to include kidney beans, green peppers and onions to ensure a well-balanced meal that is high in fiber.
    4. Sour Cream Swap: Onion dips, nachos and other recipes that call for sour-cream can be made with fat-free Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is a much higher quality food. It is higher in protein and is creamier than sour cream…especially non-fat sour cream.
    5. Party Mix Swap: Although party mixes can be fun and an easy snack, they aren’t always the healthiest. Instead, try this easy recipe for Garbanzo Nuts: Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Mix can of rinsed chickpeas with 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper, 1 teaspoon of cumin powder and 3 teaspoons of fresh garlic. Spray light coating of canola oil onto cookie sheet. Spread beans in a single layer onto the cookie sheet and bake for about 40 minutes, or until they are crisp.
    6. Cheese Swap: Skip the cheese for the Big Game, and make some fresh hummus, or buy some to serve with whole wheat crackers. Also, use low-fat shredded cheese on pizza, nachos, and other dishes that call for cheese.
    7. Chicken Wing Swap: Chicken wings are loaded with fat and grease. Swap them out with chicken fingers using skinless chicken breast strips, dipped in milk and seasoned with whole grain bread crumbs (well crumbed). Bake at 425 for about 10 minutes or until done. Serve with spicy mustard sauce, honey mustard, or barbecue sauce.
    8. Soda Swap: Juice and soda are full of sugar. But juice spritzers are a flavorful way of cutting back on the calories, keeping things festive, and getting some flavor. If you don’t want to make them yourself (all it takes is about 1/3 cup of juice and 2/3 cup of club soda) Also, try Izze  brand natural sodas which come in great, tasty flavors.
    9. Guacamole Swap: Although guacamole is filled with lots of healthy fat, it is easy to overdo it during the game. Try black bean salsa instead which is hearty and flavorful, but lower in fat.
    10. Sub Swap: A sub or hero, depending on what part of the country you’re from, is an easy crowd-pleaser for the Big Game. Choose a whole wheat or whole grain bread, and lower sodium and lower fat meats, such as turkey breast. Avoid high fat meats such as salami and bologna. Add fresh veggies to the sub, such as pepper strips, sprouts, tomatoes, mushrooms and onions. Stay away from mayo and instead, go with mustard or oil and vinegar. If you are having a smaller crowd, have a “create your own” sandwich bar and put all of these ingredients out for them to choose on their own.

    Are you planning on making Super Bowl Sunday a little healthier this year?

    What is a Phobia

    Phobias and anxiety disorders are the most prominent mental health problems in the United States. Women report more phobias than men. However, men are less likely to seek mental health assistance, so this statistic is a bit flawed and more research needs to be done in evaluating the correlation between gender and phobias. Phobias have gotten some serious attention with the desire to find more information about agoraphobia, which is the fear of leaving a safe place.

    A true phobia is an overwhelming, persistent and unreasonable debilitating fear of an object or situation that poses little risk to the average person. This phobia is irrational and exhibits itself quite prominently. This fear causes much physical and emotional stress. Many times the phobia can even inhibit
    your daily activities. Sometimes the fears can be explained, such as a person who is immensely afraid of dogs after they have been bitten by a dog. In this situation, the phobia is quite understandable, yet, can be quite acute. However, many fears are not grounded in rationality and have no basis for their existence. Some people are afraid of certain objects such as hydrophobia (the fear of water), Aichmophobia (the fear of needles or pointed objects) or Ophidiophobia (the fear of snakes). Other people are afraid of “doing” certain things; such as Phalacrophobia (the fear of becoming bald) or Glossophobia (the fear of speaking in public).

    Fear is an emotion that is built into our system to warn us about dangerous objects and events. Fear, itself, is helpful for our survival. It is when that fear is irrational or hinders our daily routine and/or success, does it manifest as a phobia. A fear is only a phobia when it disrupts your daily activities in such a way that it renders you incapable of functioning. While you might have a fear of heights, if you can successfully avoid or withstand it without going through major physical and psychological changes, then, you are experiencing a “fear,” and not a “phobia. “Not all phobias require treatment. And, not all people want treatment for their phobias. No matter what type of phobia you have, in order for it to truly be called as such, you must exhibit some of the following reactions when the fear is present: A feeling of uncontrollable anxiety, elevated breathing and heart rate, The feeling that you must do everything possible to avoid what you fear, the inability to think clearly about your phobia or anything else while the object of your phobia is present and the inability to control your reactions and increasing feelings of panic.

    If a phobia affects your daily life and you seek treatment, there are a number of ways that therapists can assist you in overcoming your fear. None of
    these treatments involve amercing the person in their fear until they overcome it. This just causes more anxiety and is quite dangerous for the client. However, I will admit that early psychiatrists have experimented with this exact method for a cure to phobia and anxiety disorders. There are usually visualization techniques, accompanied by counseling and support to assist you in managing your phobia. This also involves learning new habits to lessen the anxiety. Many of these techniques involve slowly dismantling your anxiety and restoring your power over the situation. There are medications that can be taken to lessen anxiety and the physical symptoms when a person is in the midst of experiencing his/her phobia. These can only be prescribed by a psychiatrist.

    I am not demeaning those with phobias and admit that having a phobia is definitely debilitating. However, while perusing the list of phobias, I must confess to having a chuckle at all of the ones listed. I believe that psychologists and psychiatrists might have their own “phobia,” because they seem to want to put a label on almost every fear. I do not want to offend anyone with severe phobias, however, I do wonder if any of these phobias have actually been diagnosed in people. Here are some examples.

    People who are stressed in school might have Epistemophobia (the fear of knowledge) or Scolionophobia (the fear of school) or Sophophobia (the fear of learning). Now, every child has a reason why he/she does not want to attend school. Be careful about telling your child about this one, he/she might actually make it believable.

    A man who does not want to commit to marriage might be experiencing Philophobia (the fear of falling in love) and Gamophobia (the fear of marriage.) These two phobias would compliment his Soteriophobia (the fear of dependence on others). With his luck, he will be dating a woman with Autophobia (the fear of being alone or of oneself. and Anuptaphobia (the fear of staying single). But, if she is also experiencing androphobia (The fear of men) and/or heterophobia (The fear of the opposite sex), then, I doubt that even the most skilled psychiatrist could assist them in having a successful relationship. Yes, women, just to balance things out, according to the psychiatrists, there are men who have gynophobia (fhe fear of women).

    The next time that my seventy-eight year-old technologically challenged grandmother goes to the doctor with her littany of complaints, she can pronounce proudly that she has: Cyberphobia (the fear of computers or working on a computer), Cenophobia or Centophobia (the fear of new things or ideas) and Prosophobia (the fear of progress).

    If my brother-in-law could be diagnosed with Decidophobia (the fear of making decisions), Hypengyophobia or Hypegiaphobia (the fear of responsibility)
    and Ergophobia (The Fear of work); he might be able to receive a check for disability instead of unemployment. If he doesn’t get the right treatment, he can always self medicate, as long as he doesn’t have Methyphobia (A fear of alcohol).

    Lest anyone think that I, myself am immune, I will admit that in certain situations, I am plagued with Harpaxophobia (the fear of being robbed) and because I am trying to be brutally honest, I must admit to having a strong case of Virginitiphobia (the fear of rape). Which, in the right situation could expose my Cypriphobia or Cyprinophobia (the fear of a venereal disease). I hope that the admission of my various phobias does not give anyone the idea the that I am unstable.

    I have noticed that I am not alone in my list of phobias. Most of the American population has Xenophobia (the fear of foreigners) as well as Xenoglossophobia (which is the fear of foreign languages). With all of these phobias, though, I have not seen a “Race-ophobia,” “muslim-ophobia,” and my personal favorite “Barack-ophobia.” However, I am certain that these exist and are much more prominent than any that I have mentioned in this article. I guess we know which particular phobias that the experts have!


    Birth Control Pill 101

    I’ve written this article as a crash course for anybody taking “the pill”, or is involved with somebody who does. Your doctor doesn’t always tell you everything and there is a lot of skewed information on how to take and handle oral contraceptives.

    This information is integral for men and women with girlfriends or boyfriends everywhere. Chances are that you are a girl or are going to date a girl on some sort of birth control pill. This is for good reason because birth control these days is extremely dependable and convenient for both men and women. Let’s face it everyone, condoms are very safe and are the second best protection against an STD next to abstinence, but they don’t feel one-tenth as good as going all natural. This gives the much added benefit of natural pleasure and with the much added benefit of taking the load of pregnancy off of your mind (no pun intended.) Now as easy as it is for a woman to pop a pill every day, it’s still wise to remain informed about the pill and what is safe to do, and what never to try.

    Most oral contraceptives today are known as combination pills; this means that they have a certain dose of estrogen (Ethinyl Estradiol) and progesterone (Levonorgestrel). A typical birth control pill works in three ways: it releases hormones into a woman’s body that stops her from ovulating, it makes the mucus around the cervix thicker (making it much harder for sperm to get through), and it lowers the chances of the egg sticking to the wall of the uterus. It’s triple protection from a prospective bun in the oven.

    When on birth control it is wise to keep a certain timed schedule for taking the pill everyday. Pick any given time of day to take one pill and keep it. It honestly doesn’t matter biologically when you take it, or if you take it at a regular time, but it really does help you remember when it is commonplace in your daily schedule instead of just taking it to when you get around to it.

    When should I start taking the pill?

    It is generally advised that you start a pack of birth control the following Sunday after your menstrual cycle.

    Will the pill protect me from STDs?

    It will absolutely not. Oral contraceptive birth control, or birth control of any kind for that matter, will not protect you from STDs of any kind. It is a precaution against pregnancy and lightens menstrual cycles… nothing more.

    What if I miss a pill?

    No problem. Take two pills the following day and one pill every day after as if you were in a normal schedule.

    Ok, but what if I miss two or more pills in a row?

    It’s not the end of the world, but you’ve increased your chances of getting pregnant if you have unprotected sex. If you don’t want to take any risk (which you should never do with something this important) then continue back on your normal schedule as soon as possible and keep on it for at least two weeks. You should be safe after that, but a month would be for absolute certainty.

    I had unprotected sex and I haven’t been taking my pill regularly. What should I do?

    This is still not the end of the world. If you have a pack of at least 10-12 birth control pills left, you can use it as an emergency contraceptive. Depending on the measured dose of your birth control you can take a multiple dose of it to essentially stop a fertilized egg from becoming a potential pregnancy. Take five pills at once (or six, depending on the dosage) of the birth control within 72 hours. Wait another 12 hours and take another 5 (or six) pills. There is an almost guaranteed side effect of nausea. If you end up throwing up the dose of emergency contraception, see your local physician or Planned Parenthood clinic for a secondary solution.  Again, this acts as emergency contraceptive and is not as effective as taking the pill regularly, but chances are you will be fine. Be sure to watch for your next period and/or take a pregnancy test as soon as it will register (pregnancy tests vary from one to the other.) Here is compiled table of common birth controls and the necessary doses for emergency contraception…

     Brand  First Dose  Second Dose Ethinyl Estradiol
    in each dose (micrograms)
    in each dose (milligrams)
    Alesse 5 pink pills 5 pink pills 100 0.50
    Aviane 5 orange pills 5 orange pills 100 0.50
    Cryselle 4 white pills 4 white pills 120 0.60
    Enpresse 4 orange pills 4 orange pills 120 0.50
    Jolessa 4 pink pills 4 pink pills 120 0.60
    Lessina 5 pink pills 5 pink pills 100 0.50
    Levlen 4 orange pills 4 orange pills 120 0.60
    Levlite 5 pink pills 5 pink pills 100 0.50
    Levora 4 white pills 4 white pills 120 0.60
    Lo / Oyral 4 white pills 4 white pills 120 0.60
    LoSeasoique 5 orange pills 5 orange pills 100 0.50
    Low-Ogestrel 4 white pills 4 white pills 120 0.60
    Lutera 5 white pills 5 white pills 100 0.50
    Lybrel 6 yellow pills 6 yellow pills 120 0.54
    Nordette 4 orange pills 4 orange pills 120 0.60
    Ogestrel 2 white pills 2 white pills 100 0.50
    Ovral 2 white pills 2 white pills 100 0.50
    Portia 4 pink pills 4 pink pills 120 0.60
    Quasense 4 white pills 4 white pills 120 0.60
    Seasonale 4 pink pills 4 pink pills 120 0.60
    Seasonique 4 green pills 4 green pills 120 0.60
    Sronyx 5 white pills 5 while pills 100 0.50
    Tri-Leylen 4 yellow pills 4 yellow pills 120 0.50
    Triphasil 4 yellow pills 4 yellow pills 120 0.50
    Trivora 4 pink pills 4 pink pills 120 0.50

    Will birth control get rid of a pregnancy?

    No, studies show that it will not even harm a child in the womb. If you are pregnant, it would be advised that you go to a local Planned Parenthood clinic or physician to discuss how you want to handle a pregnancy. Abortion and adoption are of a different matter than birth control.

    Remember though, birth control is only 99.9% effective if taken properly. If you miss pills within your cycle, you are lowering the potency of the birth control increasing the chances of pregnancy. Birth control is very safe though it may have some affects on any given woman is the first month such as spotting, light nausea, tender breasts, water retention. Though I think it’s worth it when you first start out, for the benefits are quite a lot. Be safe ladies and gentlemen and have fun.