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    10 Healthy Swaps for the Big Game

    No matter what team you are rooting for, Super Bowl Sunday is a fun, festive, food-filled day. If you are planning a party for the Big Game, you could go one of three ways: Unhealthy, Healthy, or somewhere in-between. If you are opting for the second or third option, there are a lot of little tweaks to make the Big Game festive and fun, as well as tasty AND healthy. Here are some easy healthy swaps to consider for the Big Game:

    1. Chip Swap: Doritos, potato chips, tortilla chips, oh my! What Super Bowl party does NOT have chips as part of its snacking lineup? This year, go with Food Should Taste Good’s  Jalapeno or Lime flavored multi-grain chips, for a healthy, yet flavorful accompaniment to dips and salsa.  They are very higher in fiber and protein, and lower in fat than your average potato chip. Moreover, they are made with all-natural, easy to pronounce, highly familiar ingredients.
    2. Bagged Popcorn Swap: Air popped popcorn is a much healthier option than your traditional bagged popcorn. Try seasoning it with some chili pepper or red-pepper flakes to give it an extra spicy flavor. If you don’t have an air popper, pop corn on your stove top in a big pot. Use a little bit of canola oil in the bottom of the pot, cover, and shake often to avoid burning.
    3. Chili Swap: Chili is a mainstay of Super Bowl parties. Make yours healthier than the traditional, by opting for a bean-based vegetarian chili.  Beans offer tons of protein, nutrients and fiber.  If, however, your guests are meat lovers, make turkey chili with 99% fat-free ground turkey. 99% fat-free ground turkey is much leaner than traditional ground beef.  Be sure to include kidney beans, green peppers and onions to ensure a well-balanced meal that is high in fiber.
    4. Sour Cream Swap: Onion dips, nachos and other recipes that call for sour-cream can be made with fat-free Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is a much higher quality food. It is higher in protein and is creamier than sour cream…especially non-fat sour cream.
    5. Party Mix Swap: Although party mixes can be fun and an easy snack, they aren’t always the healthiest. Instead, try this easy recipe for Garbanzo Nuts: Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Mix can of rinsed chickpeas with 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper, 1 teaspoon of cumin powder and 3 teaspoons of fresh garlic. Spray light coating of canola oil onto cookie sheet. Spread beans in a single layer onto the cookie sheet and bake for about 40 minutes, or until they are crisp.
    6. Cheese Swap: Skip the cheese for the Big Game, and make some fresh hummus, or buy some to serve with whole wheat crackers. Also, use low-fat shredded cheese on pizza, nachos, and other dishes that call for cheese.
    7. Chicken Wing Swap: Chicken wings are loaded with fat and grease. Swap them out with chicken fingers using skinless chicken breast strips, dipped in milk and seasoned with whole grain bread crumbs (well crumbed). Bake at 425 for about 10 minutes or until done. Serve with spicy mustard sauce, honey mustard, or barbecue sauce.
    8. Soda Swap: Juice and soda are full of sugar. But juice spritzers are a flavorful way of cutting back on the calories, keeping things festive, and getting some flavor. If you don’t want to make them yourself (all it takes is about 1/3 cup of juice and 2/3 cup of club soda) Also, try Izze  brand natural sodas which come in great, tasty flavors.
    9. Guacamole Swap: Although guacamole is filled with lots of healthy fat, it is easy to overdo it during the game. Try black bean salsa instead which is hearty and flavorful, but lower in fat.
    10. Sub Swap: A sub or hero, depending on what part of the country you’re from, is an easy crowd-pleaser for the Big Game. Choose a whole wheat or whole grain bread, and lower sodium and lower fat meats, such as turkey breast. Avoid high fat meats such as salami and bologna. Add fresh veggies to the sub, such as pepper strips, sprouts, tomatoes, mushrooms and onions. Stay away from mayo and instead, go with mustard or oil and vinegar. If you are having a smaller crowd, have a “create your own” sandwich bar and put all of these ingredients out for them to choose on their own.

    Are you planning on making Super Bowl Sunday a little healthier this year?

    What is a Phobia

    Phobias and anxiety disorders are the most prominent mental health problems in the United States. Women report more phobias than men. However, men are less likely to seek mental health assistance, so this statistic is a bit flawed and more research needs to be done in evaluating the correlation between gender and phobias. Phobias have gotten some serious attention with the desire to find more information about agoraphobia, which is the fear of leaving a safe place.

    A true phobia is an overwhelming, persistent and unreasonable debilitating fear of an object or situation that poses little risk to the average person. This phobia is irrational and exhibits itself quite prominently. This fear causes much physical and emotional stress. Many times the phobia can even inhibit
    your daily activities. Sometimes the fears can be explained, such as a person who is immensely afraid of dogs after they have been bitten by a dog. In this situation, the phobia is quite understandable, yet, can be quite acute. However, many fears are not grounded in rationality and have no basis for their existence. Some people are afraid of certain objects such as hydrophobia (the fear of water), Aichmophobia (the fear of needles or pointed objects) or Ophidiophobia (the fear of snakes). Other people are afraid of “doing” certain things; such as Phalacrophobia (the fear of becoming bald) or Glossophobia (the fear of speaking in public).

    Fear is an emotion that is built into our system to warn us about dangerous objects and events. Fear, itself, is helpful for our survival. It is when that fear is irrational or hinders our daily routine and/or success, does it manifest as a phobia. A fear is only a phobia when it disrupts your daily activities in such a way that it renders you incapable of functioning. While you might have a fear of heights, if you can successfully avoid or withstand it without going through major physical and psychological changes, then, you are experiencing a “fear,” and not a “phobia. “Not all phobias require treatment. And, not all people want treatment for their phobias. No matter what type of phobia you have, in order for it to truly be called as such, you must exhibit some of the following reactions when the fear is present: A feeling of uncontrollable anxiety, elevated breathing and heart rate, The feeling that you must do everything possible to avoid what you fear, the inability to think clearly about your phobia or anything else while the object of your phobia is present and the inability to control your reactions and increasing feelings of panic.

    If a phobia affects your daily life and you seek treatment, there are a number of ways that therapists can assist you in overcoming your fear. None of
    these treatments involve amercing the person in their fear until they overcome it. This just causes more anxiety and is quite dangerous for the client. However, I will admit that early psychiatrists have experimented with this exact method for a cure to phobia and anxiety disorders. There are usually visualization techniques, accompanied by counseling and support to assist you in managing your phobia. This also involves learning new habits to lessen the anxiety. Many of these techniques involve slowly dismantling your anxiety and restoring your power over the situation. There are medications that can be taken to lessen anxiety and the physical symptoms when a person is in the midst of experiencing his/her phobia. These can only be prescribed by a psychiatrist.

    I am not demeaning those with phobias and admit that having a phobia is definitely debilitating. However, while perusing the list of phobias, I must confess to having a chuckle at all of the ones listed. I believe that psychologists and psychiatrists might have their own “phobia,” because they seem to want to put a label on almost every fear. I do not want to offend anyone with severe phobias, however, I do wonder if any of these phobias have actually been diagnosed in people. Here are some examples.

    People who are stressed in school might have Epistemophobia (the fear of knowledge) or Scolionophobia (the fear of school) or Sophophobia (the fear of learning). Now, every child has a reason why he/she does not want to attend school. Be careful about telling your child about this one, he/she might actually make it believable.

    A man who does not want to commit to marriage might be experiencing Philophobia (the fear of falling in love) and Gamophobia (the fear of marriage.) These two phobias would compliment his Soteriophobia (the fear of dependence on others). With his luck, he will be dating a woman with Autophobia (the fear of being alone or of oneself. and Anuptaphobia (the fear of staying single). But, if she is also experiencing androphobia (The fear of men) and/or heterophobia (The fear of the opposite sex), then, I doubt that even the most skilled psychiatrist could assist them in having a successful relationship. Yes, women, just to balance things out, according to the psychiatrists, there are men who have gynophobia (fhe fear of women).

    The next time that my seventy-eight year-old technologically challenged grandmother goes to the doctor with her littany of complaints, she can pronounce proudly that she has: Cyberphobia (the fear of computers or working on a computer), Cenophobia or Centophobia (the fear of new things or ideas) and Prosophobia (the fear of progress).

    If my brother-in-law could be diagnosed with Decidophobia (the fear of making decisions), Hypengyophobia or Hypegiaphobia (the fear of responsibility)
    and Ergophobia (The Fear of work); he might be able to receive a check for disability instead of unemployment. If he doesn’t get the right treatment, he can always self medicate, as long as he doesn’t have Methyphobia (A fear of alcohol).

    Lest anyone think that I, myself am immune, I will admit that in certain situations, I am plagued with Harpaxophobia (the fear of being robbed) and because I am trying to be brutally honest, I must admit to having a strong case of Virginitiphobia (the fear of rape). Which, in the right situation could expose my Cypriphobia or Cyprinophobia (the fear of a venereal disease). I hope that the admission of my various phobias does not give anyone the idea the that I am unstable.

    I have noticed that I am not alone in my list of phobias. Most of the American population has Xenophobia (the fear of foreigners) as well as Xenoglossophobia (which is the fear of foreign languages). With all of these phobias, though, I have not seen a “Race-ophobia,” “muslim-ophobia,” and my personal favorite “Barack-ophobia.” However, I am certain that these exist and are much more prominent than any that I have mentioned in this article. I guess we know which particular phobias that the experts have!


    Birth Control Pill 101

    I’ve written this article as a crash course for anybody taking “the pill”, or is involved with somebody who does. Your doctor doesn’t always tell you everything and there is a lot of skewed information on how to take and handle oral contraceptives.

    This information is integral for men and women with girlfriends or boyfriends everywhere. Chances are that you are a girl or are going to date a girl on some sort of birth control pill. This is for good reason because birth control these days is extremely dependable and convenient for both men and women. Let’s face it everyone, condoms are very safe and are the second best protection against an STD next to abstinence, but they don’t feel one-tenth as good as going all natural. This gives the much added benefit of natural pleasure and with the much added benefit of taking the load of pregnancy off of your mind (no pun intended.) Now as easy as it is for a woman to pop a pill every day, it’s still wise to remain informed about the pill and what is safe to do, and what never to try.

    Most oral contraceptives today are known as combination pills; this means that they have a certain dose of estrogen (Ethinyl Estradiol) and progesterone (Levonorgestrel). A typical birth control pill works in three ways: it releases hormones into a woman’s body that stops her from ovulating, it makes the mucus around the cervix thicker (making it much harder for sperm to get through), and it lowers the chances of the egg sticking to the wall of the uterus. It’s triple protection from a prospective bun in the oven.

    When on birth control it is wise to keep a certain timed schedule for taking the pill everyday. Pick any given time of day to take one pill and keep it. It honestly doesn’t matter biologically when you take it, or if you take it at a regular time, but it really does help you remember when it is commonplace in your daily schedule instead of just taking it to when you get around to it.

    When should I start taking the pill?

    It is generally advised that you start a pack of birth control the following Sunday after your menstrual cycle.

    Will the pill protect me from STDs?

    It will absolutely not. Oral contraceptive birth control, or birth control of any kind for that matter, will not protect you from STDs of any kind. It is a precaution against pregnancy and lightens menstrual cycles… nothing more.

    What if I miss a pill?

    No problem. Take two pills the following day and one pill every day after as if you were in a normal schedule.

    Ok, but what if I miss two or more pills in a row?

    It’s not the end of the world, but you’ve increased your chances of getting pregnant if you have unprotected sex. If you don’t want to take any risk (which you should never do with something this important) then continue back on your normal schedule as soon as possible and keep on it for at least two weeks. You should be safe after that, but a month would be for absolute certainty.

    I had unprotected sex and I haven’t been taking my pill regularly. What should I do?

    This is still not the end of the world. If you have a pack of at least 10-12 birth control pills left, you can use it as an emergency contraceptive. Depending on the measured dose of your birth control you can take a multiple dose of it to essentially stop a fertilized egg from becoming a potential pregnancy. Take five pills at once (or six, depending on the dosage) of the birth control within 72 hours. Wait another 12 hours and take another 5 (or six) pills. There is an almost guaranteed side effect of nausea. If you end up throwing up the dose of emergency contraception, see your local physician or Planned Parenthood clinic for a secondary solution.  Again, this acts as emergency contraceptive and is not as effective as taking the pill regularly, but chances are you will be fine. Be sure to watch for your next period and/or take a pregnancy test as soon as it will register (pregnancy tests vary from one to the other.) Here is compiled table of common birth controls and the necessary doses for emergency contraception…

     Brand  First Dose  Second Dose Ethinyl Estradiol
    in each dose (micrograms)
    in each dose (milligrams)
    Alesse 5 pink pills 5 pink pills 100 0.50
    Aviane 5 orange pills 5 orange pills 100 0.50
    Cryselle 4 white pills 4 white pills 120 0.60
    Enpresse 4 orange pills 4 orange pills 120 0.50
    Jolessa 4 pink pills 4 pink pills 120 0.60
    Lessina 5 pink pills 5 pink pills 100 0.50
    Levlen 4 orange pills 4 orange pills 120 0.60
    Levlite 5 pink pills 5 pink pills 100 0.50
    Levora 4 white pills 4 white pills 120 0.60
    Lo / Oyral 4 white pills 4 white pills 120 0.60
    LoSeasoique 5 orange pills 5 orange pills 100 0.50
    Low-Ogestrel 4 white pills 4 white pills 120 0.60
    Lutera 5 white pills 5 white pills 100 0.50
    Lybrel 6 yellow pills 6 yellow pills 120 0.54
    Nordette 4 orange pills 4 orange pills 120 0.60
    Ogestrel 2 white pills 2 white pills 100 0.50
    Ovral 2 white pills 2 white pills 100 0.50
    Portia 4 pink pills 4 pink pills 120 0.60
    Quasense 4 white pills 4 white pills 120 0.60
    Seasonale 4 pink pills 4 pink pills 120 0.60
    Seasonique 4 green pills 4 green pills 120 0.60
    Sronyx 5 white pills 5 while pills 100 0.50
    Tri-Leylen 4 yellow pills 4 yellow pills 120 0.50
    Triphasil 4 yellow pills 4 yellow pills 120 0.50
    Trivora 4 pink pills 4 pink pills 120 0.50

    Will birth control get rid of a pregnancy?

    No, studies show that it will not even harm a child in the womb. If you are pregnant, it would be advised that you go to a local Planned Parenthood clinic or physician to discuss how you want to handle a pregnancy. Abortion and adoption are of a different matter than birth control.

    Remember though, birth control is only 99.9% effective if taken properly. If you miss pills within your cycle, you are lowering the potency of the birth control increasing the chances of pregnancy. Birth control is very safe though it may have some affects on any given woman is the first month such as spotting, light nausea, tender breasts, water retention. Though I think it’s worth it when you first start out, for the benefits are quite a lot. Be safe ladies and gentlemen and have fun.

    Crush Syndrome Symptoms and Treatments

    Many people may not have ever heard of Crush syndrome or know what it is. Crush syndrome is most often seen after major natural events such as earthquakes. Falling or shifting objects during an earthquake may pin a person causing a muscular skeletal crushing injury. Crush syndrome is most often characterized by shock and renal failure.

    Crush syndrome or Bywaters’ syndrome as it is also called was first discovered by a physician named Eric Bywaters after a blitz in London in 1941. He noticed that the patients that were released from the crushing pressures exhibited much of the same symptoms; he believed that with the releasing of the patient from the crushing pressure caused a release of muscle breakdown products.  The most prominent of these products would be myoglobin, phosphorus, and potassium it is not exactly known why this causes the kidneys to malfunction but it is believed that the toxins released with the myoglobin are the most prominent cause.

    The major symptoms associated with Crush syndrome are kidney failure, blood vessel restriction and possible heart attack. Other symptoms that may occur include pale and clammy skin with a rapid but possibly weak pulse, but these symptoms can be associated with many other causes other than Crush syndrome. Crush syndrome has often been referred to as a silent killer as the patient may not exhibit any outwards symptoms until it is too late.

    Due to the lack of possible outward symptoms many patients may pass away from their injuries, but other treatments have been initiated since the episodes of earthquakes have more frequently occurred in the last 10 years. The immediate introduction of fluids, once a person is freed from the rubble it is important to start a normal saline solution, not ringers lactate solutions as it contains potassium. It is also advisable to administer a sodium bicarbonate solution with every other bag of saline given to increase the urinary’s Ph balance causes the myoglobin to be more soluble.

    Other treatments for crush syndrome depending on its severity may involve surgery to repair damaged nerves. Another treatment that may be used is renal replacement therapy, kidney function is usually diminished one to two days after the injuries occur and in this case the replacement therapy can most often involve hemodialysis.

    Hemodialysis is where the blood is run through a filter to remove the build-up of waste products and then the blood will be returned to the body. Since people who experience a crush injury are more likely to have kidney problems, hemodialysis can be used to filter out the harmful amounts of toxins that have built up in their bloodstream. Depending on the levels of toxins that may circulate in the bloodstream daily dialysis may be necessary for the first several days of treatment.

    A Very Helpful Kitchen Appliance for You

    I’m sure you love waffles during breakfast. Many people around the world love to eat waffles and restaurants would even serve waffles. You will not be able to make a good waffle at home without the help of the best waffle maker. To have a waffle maker at home is very essential for people who love to eat waffles because this small kitchen appliance could not be underestimated with its ability to make yummy waffles. Almost everybody has a waffle maker at home because they find this appliance as a convenient thing to own. It’s so easy to use a waffle maker. You won’t be tiring yourself while making waffles since it could be easily done with the help of a waffle maker. There are few designs or shapes of plates for your waffle maker. You can choose a design that you like. It is really easy since after the plates has been heated up, you can just pour the batter on the hot plat

    A White Noise Generator and Your Work Life

    The connection between your work life and a white noise generator is easy to see once someone shows you. Step one would be to visit the site and get the full understanding of what one is and just how it works. Then it is easy to see that the use of one can really help one go to sleep and stay that way. Let us face it, the more good sleep you get the better your waking hours will be. Since we spend most of our time at work, it is not hard to figure out that a white noise machine will do the trick. By being more rested, you will perform your job better and get a leg up on the competition. Work can be stressful to exist in so the use of the machine might give you the edge that you need to outpace the others who have the same goal.

    How to Create a Website of Your Own

    It can be great fun to learn how to create a website. One must make sure that before starting, one must have a good website teacher. One must make sure not to accept services that ask for money, because it is really not necessary to teach you such simple things. He is just going to help you out with things you do not know. One must find a mentor who is able to tell you the intricacies and the tricks to making a website in a free fashion, such that you feel you have understood a concept better than before.

    Making one’s own website would surely be an exciting journey and doing it well with the help of a mentor would give a boost to make it better. For each task, perfection is required and this is obtained only through practice. One can easily find experienced and good mentors online to teach you how to do the job perfectly.

    Violin Lessons Are Becoming the Most Famous

    Violin lessons are said to have overtaken guitar lessons when it comes to courses available online. Many more students opt to take the more flexible online violin lessons because they can have all other tasks scheduled around it. They need not stick to one specific schedule. This is the most attractive part of the online version of the course especially for working students. Even adults have expressed interest in taking music lessons because they say that the course helps them unwind from the daily stress. They actually look forward to practicing, unlike with a group lesson, they end up getting frustrated because they compare their progress to other students. The downside however is that they need a lot of discipline to push through with the lessons because they do not have someone to pressure them to continue studying. On tiring days, there are simply other tasks that become more interesting than taking music lessons. However, if there is some spare time, these students make sure that they invest some of those into learning how to play a musical instrument.

    Is Keeping Your Tongue Clean the Key to Good Breath?

    One of the most common human hygiene goals is that of good breath. There are several at home remedies and over-the-counter products that strive to help you achieve that goal. Many times these efforts are unnecessary. Simply cleaning one’s tongue can lead to good breath.

    Most Americans have a similar morning routine: wake up, eat breakfast, shower, and brush teeth. The simple added step of brushing one’s tongue will keep a good breath smell throughout the day.

    90% of bad breath cases come from odor-causing bacteria in the mouth. 80% of this bacteria resides on the tongue, preventing good breath. The key to good breath is to remove this bacteria which can be indicated as white coated tongue. The bacteria produces waste products which smell of sulfurous compounds. Removing this bacteria will remove the foul-smelling sulfur compounds.

    There are a few methods of removing this bacteria from the tongue to create good breath. The simplest way is to use a regular toothbrush. A few scrapes over your tongue with the bristles will do your breath some good. Another tool used for good breath hygiene is a tongue scraper. Some people have sensitive gag reflexes. Often times tongue scrapers are easier for them to reach as far back as possible.

    Newly on the market, there is now a product which combines the toothbrush and tongue scraper into one. One side has bristles while the other side has a scraping mechanism to create good breath.

    Another way to remove this bacteria from the tongue is with mouthwash. There are several over the counter mouthwashes and prescription mouthwashes designed to kill bacteria. One problem with mouthwash, however, is the amount of alcohol it contains. A mouthwash with a high alcohol content may kill bacteria, but it will also dry out the mouth, which actually will create more odor forming bacteria. It becomes a vicious cycle.

    Bad breath is a fear of many Americans. For most, the answer is fairly simple. They key to good breath is a clean tongue.

    Head to Toe At Home Ingrown Hair Removal System

    The problem of unwanted ingrown hair on certain parts of the body is a common problem among women across the world. Some opt to use a shaving kit to get rid of this excess hair, others go for waxing which can be pretty painful. For others still, they feel that these two options are not right for them, so they go in for laser hair removal in salons and other professional places. This third option can prove to be pretty costly for some people, but what other friendly option is there?

    Kim Kardashian, the popular reality show star, recently went on The Rachel Ray Show and talked about her issues with excess hair, and attributing this to her part Eastern European heritage. She has tried all the previously mentioned methods of getting rid of unwanted hair, but she was looking for an option that would be easy to use at home, not messy, not painful and with the minimum of fuss. That is how she discovered Tria Laser Hair Removal. She talked about the efficacy of this at home hair removal system on the show in what amounted to a celebrity hair removal product endorsement, and even gave one for free to one of the women who had attended the show’s taping.

    The ingrown pubic hair removal industry in the US is huge; at $ 10 billion worth, which means that there are so many products in the market to help deal with this issue. The Tria Hair Removal Laser Home System is a smaller variation of what the professional salons and dermatologists use to treat their clients. This product can be used in the comfort of your home and is very easy to use. One can usually see the results after 2 applications, but it requires quite a bit of patience for you to enjoy its full capabilities and results – up to six months.

    There has been debate among users of this product whether it is painful or not. The truth is that different people react differently to any kind of stimulus on their skin. Some may feel absolutely no pain, others may feel just a little zinger, and others yet may be unable to use it without some kind of numbing gel. It really all comes down to what kind of skin you have, but the results of using Tria at home laser hair removal system are unmistakable. It really does get rid of unwanted ingrown hair, even in very private areas of the body.

    The Tria Hair Removal Laser Home System is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is therefore safe to use and has no side effects. Kim Kardashian has given it celebrity hair removal status by talking about it on day time television and it is likely that having a celebrity talk about this product on air will encourage a lot more people to go out and buy it. Nevertheless, celebrity endorsement or not, it is a pretty handy equipment to have in the house if you have issues with hair growing in unwanted places.